If You Can't Do It Slow, You Can't Do It Fast - Noelle Singleton

60 minutes

Noelle Singleton, affectionately known as "Coach with the Fro," boldly challenges the narrative "Black people don't swim." As a swim coach, motivational speaker, diversity consultant, social media strategist, and founder of Afroswimmers Aquatics, LLC, Noelle has proven that representation matters. The #Afroswimmers movement was created to combat the negative stereotypes society places on black swimmers and in turn, celebrates the accomplishments of swimmers all over the world. In 2018, Noelle launched her first international partnership as she coached water safety to 80+ children in the Caribbean island of Montserrat and was featured in the BBC documentary “Black Girls Don’t Swim." In 2020, Noelle became the recipient of the Community Lifesaver of the Year award from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and was honored with the 40 Under 40 Award from her Alma Mater, Georgia Southern University. Noelle empowers others with her personal triumph over a degenerative disc disease and uses the #Afroswimmers platform to prioritize swimming and aquatic therapy in underrepresented communities.


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